What It's All About

Empowerment Of People
People like you and me
and everyone you know
and everyone you don't know yet, too.
We are empowered by knowledge ...

1.  knowledge of the world around us, and events that shape our lives.
2.  knowledge of ourselves and development of our capacity to                   achieve.
3.  knowledge and experience of success in pursuing happiness.
4.  actualization of our full potentials

It all began before anything mattered.

It didn't matter if the universe was created or if everything evolved from nothing. Back then nobody cared.

People had a pretty full schedule just keeping themselves and their families alive and warm. Curious people asked "HOW" to make life more bearable. They didn't ask why they were alive?

Over the millenia, people learned not only how to live on this planet. They learned how to live well. They learned how to use the elements to their advantage. They learned how to transform resources into clothing and shelter and tools and a whole lot of other things. And they passed knowledge from generation to generation. And knowledge banks grew rapidly as each generation added new knowledge to them.

As people used their knowledge to make life easier for themselves, they had more spare time to contemplate the wonders of the world. People had the wherewithall to wonder about their place in the world. They had the curiousity to wonder about meaning in their lives. People explored where they came from, where they are going, and how to get there most successfully. With knowledge, people could shape their lives.

Thousands of years of experience and observation later, here's the conclusion. . .

We create our own lives.

About WorldsWays

The WorldsWays Project

We are a connected world. We are connected to all things and all people in the world.  Give the world your best . . . the world will show you its best.

The WorldsWays Project is about collective self-actualization.

The aim of the WorldsWays Project is for every one of us to actualize his or her true potential so that our effects upon each other and on the planet we live on will usually be beneficial.

Products & Services:

     1. E-books, audio-books, videos and courses to enrich ourselves with knowledge of ourselves and our connection to the world around us. 

    2. Membership in an affiliate program as an opportunity to share life-enhancing products and make a little money at it.   

Worldsways Websites

WorldsWays Journal   Give truth a chance !   For knowledge of the world around us, we see newspapers and magazines, and things on tv.  The Worldsways Journal discusses current events from a personal perspective.

Adventures And Travels    Make This Life An Adventure... A personal blog by the founder of WorldsWays - me.  We each create our own lives.
As I share how I have created mine, I gain insights into "how the world works."    

Teach With Heart  Adventures In The Classroom.. How to melt clouds and dance with the moon.   

Collectively, we create the world we live in.

The WorldsWays Project
Wants You
to have the best life you will ever have!
From The WorldsWays Journal
"I am not aware of a time I didn't exist.  Are you?"
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