We are one world and we are many worlds...
We have many different ways of living but only a few common goals.

This is WorldsWays

How does the world work?

How do we work in this world?

How do we make the most of our lives?

Everything is connected. That is the key to understanding, to knowledge, and to success. We may live in different regions in the world, different cities, different countries, even different continents. Still, no matter how far apart we may be, we are all connected. It is, after all, one planet. It contains air and water that circulate and gets shared not only among different places, but even across different periods of time. Our ancestors breathed the same air as we do today.

We are connected not only by the elements, but also by other invisible bonds. Members of a family sense a strong connection to each other; as do members of an extended family, and members of a town or city, or citizens of a nation. We are bound by the customs we have in common, and ultimately we are connected to every member of the human race.

We are also connected to history and to everything that happens in the world today. When a natural disaster or a human-caused disaster happens in one part of the world, it is felt on the other side, as well, just not as strongly. Likewise, when someone or a group of people advance in a positive way, when they achieve outstanding goals in knowledge or human relations, it is a boost for the rest of the world as well.

Our challenge is to tap into the connections we have, for they are resources of knowledge and energy. The more we are open to receive from the great sources of our world, the more likely we are to fulfill our dreams.


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  • Travel and Entertainment
  • Pursuit of Wealth

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